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Elixir Wealth Advisory is a Specialist Medical Financial Services firm providing Accounting, Tax, Finance, Credit, Debt Management, Wealth & Personal Risk Management Services exclusively for Medical Professionals. We understand your journey. 4 out of 5 of our clients are Consultants/Specialists.

Strategy & Consultation

Engaging us will engage a team of professional advisers to look after your unique needs. All advice is strategic in nature, industry leading, carefully considered and personable

Medical Practice Accounting

Our services are expansive and cater also to Medical Practices. Whether it is book keeping, payroll, accounting and/or accounting systems or structuring advice, we have the capabilities and expertise for all medical & health professionals

Taxation Planning for Doctors

As your income is often in the top 1% - 5% tax planning is vital. As is often discovered with new clients, this needed to be in a place a year ago

Areas of Expertise

the optimal tax & wealth management model

OUR clients have saved thousands of dollars in tax

What we do can’t be put into an app

Thought leading advice and professional consultancy come from financial specialists for medical professionals

High Income


In the 2013 financial year the government introduced Division 293; it’s effectively a tax on high income earners as it requires you to pay an additional... Read More

Negative Gearing & Property


Negative gearing (Gearing) is when your investment expenses exceed the income generated off those investments; this includes property, shares... Read More


Precise & Methodical

A specialisation backed by detailed and thorough understanding of Australian Tax Law. Elixir Wealth Advisory consults with clients and Physicians... Read More


A Collaboration Like No Other

The coherent partnership of our Board of Tax with wealth management allows us to develop unique and highly effective blue print strategies for... Read More

We only deal with Medical Professionals

Ensures our understanding of the unique needs and expectations of medicos